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Seazen North Coast Resort

Features of Seazen North Coast Resort
The features of Seazen Resort are difficult to find anywhere else, the most prominent of which are the following:

The privileged strategic location close to the international coastal road from the south side facilitates easy and convenient access for the resort.
Enjoy the magic of the beautiful watery nature, which is characterized by its breathtaking turquoise color, sparkling between the soft white sand and the clear blue sky.
Breathe unparalleled air from the comfort of your home due to its relative elevation above sea level, providing cooler temperatures and pleasant breezes.
The entire Seazen Resort is surrounded by picturesque greenery that has been uniquely designed to exude peace and comfort.
The stunning urban design of Seazen North Coast makes it comparable to international tourist resorts.
Allocating a children’s entertainment space with many games suitable for their age and completely safe, away from the places where there are cars.
For lovers of morning sports such as jogging, walking, and cycling, beautifully paved paths are provided among the picturesque landscapes.
Providing the greatest degree of comfort and privacy for the residents of the resort by taking into account the presence of separating spaces between units.
Services available within Seazen North Coast
There are many wonderful services that are unique to the clients of Seazen, the most important of which are the following:

All residential homes and service facilities are equipped with an advanced camera system that monitors all movements and maintains the safety of residents.
Employing the most skilled security cadres working 24 hours a day to provide the greatest degree of safety for the customers.
Seazen Resort is equipped with an impressive Aqua Park with many water games suitable for young and old, in order to enjoy the most beautiful times.
A great selection of swimming pools including; an "artificial wave pool" with a wave height of 3 meters, the first of its kind in the North Coast region, in addition to 3 swimming pools with hot water.
3 Clubhouse inside Seazen North Coast, they have many recreational activities that customers need.
For lovers of fitness, there is a high-end gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.
A social club that includes a Spa House and private rooms with a sauna and jacuzzi for more recreation and entertainment.
Periodic maintenance services that solve all malfunctions throughout the day.
A mosque designed in an elegant Islamic style to perform various religious prayers and rituals.
Spacious garages to accommodate the largest number of cars and prevent congestion in front of the units.

A huge hypermarket with all the goods and supplies needed by the house.
Seazen North Coast Resort includes a luxurious commercial area with many shops that include the finest international brands that lovers of fine taste are looking for.
Restaurants and cafés designed in a striking architectural style, featuring the most skilled chefs and workers, who offer visitors the most delicious food and drinks.
A pharmacy working around the clock to provide all kinds of medicines and various treatment services.
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