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Three Square Business Mall

The units offered in Three Square Business Mall and the best prices
The administrative units and offices offered in Three Square Tower New Capital were suitable for all the needs and requirements of customers, as the real estate developer was interested in offering varying spaces and suitable for all required activities.

All units in Three Square Mall have wonderful integrated facilities such as shower, air conditioning, etc., and they also overlook stunning views, all this in addition to the amazing and attractive finishes to suit the owners of high taste, and the areas of the administrative units start from 40 square meters.

Then the prices in Three Square Business came within the reach of investors who are looking for excellence, sophistication, and international designs, and they are completely compatible with what Dominar provided with the services and facilities that aim for the convenience of its customers and investors as well, the price per square meter starts from 40,000 EGP, and the whole unit will be delivered after three years of contracting.

Payment systems offered by Dominar
Get ready now, you need to own your new unit with the different activities you want, with unimaginable payment facilities provided by a giant company that always works for the advancement and advancement of society, so it announced a flexible installment system in the ability of all layers with huge discounts of up to 28% of the total Unit price to match the prices of all projects built in the same area in Three Square Business Mall.

The customer pays an advance of 10% of the total unit price, and the rest of the unit price is to be paid in installments over long periods of up to 6 years, in equal installments.
You can also pay 15% of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount over 8 years, in equal installments.
Also, 25% of the unit value, and the rest in equal installments, for a period of up to 9 years within Three Square Business Mall.
When you pay 40% of the total unit price in advance, you can pay the rest of the amount over 10 years in equal installments.
Finally, you can pay the installments over 12 years in equal installments, when you pay 45% of the total unit price in advance inside Three Square Business.
About the real estate developer and their previous work
Dominar is one of the largest real estate development and investment companies, whose experience has reached more than 49 years old, established in 1973 AD by Eng. Fawzy Khattab and Eng. Sherif Fawzy Khattab has always been keen to develop its projects and uses modern technology in interior and exterior designs, to make customers fascinated by what it offers to make you feel that you are in the finest communities.

The company has implemented many previous residential, commercial, and administrative projects to make its name always crowned with progress and advancement and one of its most important works

More than 12 towers in Maadi.
More than 65 villas in the Fifth Settlement.
Buildings in Helwan.
Tora prison construction.
Police buildings.
Maryland Buildings.
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