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Sala Bianca Mall New Administrative Capital

RFCO Development is one of the companies with a distinguished history in the field of real estate development, and this is certainly due to the distinguished projects it offers in the Egyptian market, including Sala Bianca Mall New Capital, which is being worked on very well so that customers can find all the advantages they are looking for.

One of the special things about Sala Bianca is that it is located in the heart of one of the important cities in Egypt, which is the nearby new administrative capital, which makes the mall close to several cities outside the capital and also not far from special places in the capital itself.

It also made a great effort to make Sala Bianca Mall a distinctive architectural edifice with a distinctive design that serves the units and makes them close to the facilities in them, and also took care of the units' spaces and interior design to be in line with the commercial activities that will be established in them.

Here are some more details about Sala Bianca Mall New Capital... so follow us

The distinctive location of Sala Bianca Mall
New Administrative Capital represents one of the major projects that the state started years ago, and the future of investments in it will be bright because it is one of the cities that allow the client to get the measure of excellence in owning a unit and start his own project in the capital.

Modern investments and the start of recurring projects become one of the things that concern many young people, especially entrepreneurs, and being in the capital has become one of the important and urgent matters that investors think about, whether in Egypt or abroad, and this is due to several reasons, including the distinguished location, which is the many facilities and advantages that New Capital offers them.

RFCO Development was able to choose a special place to be the headquarters of one of its major projects in New Administrative Capital, which is Sala Bianca Mall, in order for the place to be distinguished and different and for its employees to enjoy the advantages that the capital offers to those who are in it.

The project is located in the seventh residential district, which is one of the well-known neighborhoods in the capital, and it is considered which increases the chance of success offered by Sala Bianca Mall for the projects established there because the place has a large population density and this is due to the activities in the place in the positive.

In this paragraph, we show you some of the vital places near Sala Bianca:

Sala Bianca is located in the "R7", specifically in the "G7" plot, which is one of the most distinguished areas of the seventh residential district.
Sala Bianca Mall is located near Green River Park, one of the major parks in Egypt.
It is also not far from the Mohammed bin Zayed axis in New Administrative Capital, and this makes it easy for visitors to come to it.
Sala Bianca New Capital is located near the government district and also the diplomats district.
Sala Bianca is located near the medical city and also not far from Expo City.
In addition, Sala Bianca Project is close to the city of art and culture.
30 minutes is the interval between the mall and New Cairo.
Also, Sala Bianca is not far from Ain Sokhna road, which is only 5 km away.
It is important that Sala Bianca Mall is located near the new monorail station.
A short distance is between the mall and between Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
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