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The spaces and types of units
Hilton Tower New Administrative Capital
The space is one of the important factors provided by the developer of this integrated project. The space of ​​Hilton Tower is about 14 thousand square meters, which is a wide space, and a luxurious design has been adopted in it and it consists of (ground floor + 25 consecutive floors).

The divisions of roles in the project are different and have an organized thought because the first floors are from the ground and the first are for commercial units, while the units from the second to the ninth are for administrative units, and hotel apartments had the lion’s share in the project because they start from the ninth to the twenty-fifth floor in Hilton Tower.

Work has been done to finish Hilton New Capital professionally and to be of a great deal of excellence, which attracts many investment men and entrepreneurs as well, and there are many available spaces in the place, as follows:

A large basement with a space of 6000 m².
As for administrative units and offices, their space starts from 30 m².
As for hotel apartments, it starts from 60 m².
There is also a large hotel in Hilton Tower on a space of 4 thousand m².

The mall represents one of the important projects in New Capital, which has many and varied features as well, and there are many types of hotel apartments located in Hilton Tower, as follows:

There are units with duplex king rooms.
Others have an Executive Twin Room.
A number of units in a presidential suite.
Prices and Payment Systems in Hilton Tower
Investment opportunities in the capital are numerous, but in Hilton New Capital, the situation is different because it is a special place designed specifically to be a high tower on Egyptian land, meaning that it provides you with many investment opportunities and competitive advantages that benefit you greatly in existing projects or what will be worked on.

In addition to the presence of many diverse units that have been working to meet all the needs of customers with their various desires and activities, there is also a global hotel in Hilton New Capital on Egyptian soil, which is truly integrated and provides fully equipped hotel rooms for visitors at any time.

There are also other types of units, including commercial and administrative units, and many hotel apartments, which have been allocated about 16 full floors, and they are varied in size to suit your desires, as the developer explained many prices and payment systems in 2022, which are as follows:

Hilton Tower Prices start from 1,200,000 EGP.
As for the payment systems, the company worked to provide the customer with a payment system that enables the customer to pay a 10% downpayment and pay the rest of the amount over 10 full years.
The reservation provider in administrative units starts from 20 thousand EGP.
As for commercial units, reservations start from 50 thousand EGP.
As for the hotel apartments, the reservation starts from 20 thousand EGP.
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