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Talah New Capital

The Architectural Design of Talah Compound New Administrative Capital
The architectural design of Talah Compound came in a distinctive geometric shape that was adopted in a very distinctive design similar to the European style that relies on green spaces and wide water bodies.

New Plan, the real estate developer of Talah New Capital Project, worked to ensure that the place has more than one space for the units in order to make the choice of the customer easier to suit his needs, and throughout the place there is a wonderful landscape characterized by distinctive beauty.

The compound has many water bodies in harmony with the lush gardens located in it, and attention was also paid to the spaces between the units in order for each of them to maintain complete privacy and give the residents the required comfort and tranquility.

Excellence in Talah New Capital did not stop at this point, but there are many services and benefits provided by the developer in the compound, and work has been explained in detail in the following paragraph.

Talah New Capital services

There are many important services that New Plan has been keen to develop in Talah compound New Capital so that the presence in the place is better and the resident enjoys being in such a special place.

In the following, we will explain the services that have been worked on in Talah New Capital:

Garages on a large space that allow parking without causing crowding within the project.
The presence of a large commercial area in the place serves to provide all the basic and recreational needs of the residents as well.
An integrated entertainment area with many entertaining tools for adults and children.
A place in which the Kids' Area is large, with many entertaining games, and also fully secured to keep the children.
Many places for walking or morning sports, and there are others for cycling.
A sports club on a large space of ​​land, in which there are many sports fields suitable for more than one game so that you and your family can enjoy special times.
A comprehensive security system that works around the clock in order to preserve the safety of residents and property.
In addition to surveillance cameras operating around the clock and trained guards.
A recreational area with many well-equipped cafés and restaurants that provide very distinctive services.
Many of the important services provided by the developer company in the place in order for the customer to be comfortable in the place and in the following they will be presented in detail.

Features of Talah New Administrative Capital
New Plan has been able to amaze us, as usual, with the advantages it provides in Talah Compound New Capital, in which it has worked to have more than something very special that makes living in this place a very good thing and certainly suits the unique taste of customers.

Here are some of the advantages that Talah New Capital offers you:

The beauty starts from the vast green spaces that the place provides throughout in order to be comfortable with this charm in the place.
The place is also attached to water bodies between swimming pools and artificial lakes, which constitute one of the forms of breathtaking beauty, in order for the client to have a great deal of comfort and tranquility in the project.
In addition to the unique location located in the heart of New Administrative Capital allows residents to move from one place to another in an easy and in a short time.
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