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Oaks Egypt New Administrative Capital

Where is Oaks Tower New Capital located?
In choosing the location of Oaks Tower in its place, the real estate developer chose that area according to the availability of several conditions and basic factors that must be inevitable and must also be agreed upon with all customers and investors, the most important of which is that the candidate area for the construction of the tower enjoys strategy and activity in Oaks Egypt Tower new capital.

Oaks Mall is located in the beating heart of the Administrative Capital, specifically the entrance to Downtown, in plot MU5-35, which is a very distinguished area with vitality and activity throughout the year, ensuring a successful investment, as it includes all basic services and government facilities of various types such as hospitals, banks, and universities, in addition to To that it contains a lot of various entertainment facilities in Oaks Egypt Tower, which enables all residents to obtain all their basic and supplementary requirements without trouble within Oaks Egypt Tower.

Space and design of Oaks Egypt Tower New Capital
When you start entering the Administrative Capital, the Downtown area, in particular, you will see an architectural masterpiece in front of you on an area of ​​9239.29 square meters that sparkles in the sky and forces you to go to it, this was the goal of Margino Real Estate Development Company during the construction of Oaks Egypt Tower, in partnership with MMAC Design Consulting Engineering, in developing the overall design of Oaks project and the interior and exterior finishes.

This huge space was skillfully and carefully divided in order to return to all investors and residents of the hotel units more luxury, sophistication and recreation in the picturesque landscapes, so only 30% of the total area was allocated for construction only, as for the rest of the space was allocated to green patches with their bright colors, and flats The various waters of artificial lakes and fountains that give Oaks joy and luxury.

Oaks Egypt Tower consists of a ground floor, 14 upper floors, and 3 other floors for garage and roof, which were divided as follows:

The ground and first floors have been allocated for commercial units and an area for restaurants and cafes.

The second floor has been allocated to various service places, entertainment facilities, and waiting halls in Oaks Egypt new capital.
As for the rest of the floors, they have been allocated to multiple hotel residential units between apartments and studios.
The roof is equipped with a bar for drinks and fast food, and a huge swimming pool.
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Project design
The project and its engineering form were designed and the use of the international company the Creative Kingdom in order to make the designs of Oaks Egypt Tower that compare to all other projects, and it is one of the most important factors that attract you to acquire a new residential or commercial unit, so the attractive shiny glass facades that reflect the green color stemming from the mixed green patch In blue, the color of the clear sky is a luxurious and comfortable view for the soul, as it gives more sophistication and luxury in Oaks Egypt.

The interior finishes were at the highest level of sophistication to suit different high-level tastes, and the housing units enjoy an absolutely unparalleled finish provided by the major international company MMAC, a leading company in the field of interior design and finishing for international hotels inside Oaks Egypt Tower new capital.

The operation and management of the mall have been entrusted to the largest hotel operator in the world, the Minor Hotels Group.
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