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Paragon 2 Mall New Administrative Capital

Advantages of investing in Paragon 2 Mall New Capital
Because Builderia accepts only the highest levels, it has introduced many exclusive features in addition to the services provided in order to give the project more prosperity and sophistication, and one of the most important features of the mall

For more recreation, vast green spaces, artificial lakes, and dancing fountains were provided to add more beauty and sophistication to the place.

The units inside the mall have the most beautiful views of the landscape, a wide facade, and a high height, which gives you a sense of luxury and luxury within Paragon New Capital.
The entire Paragon 2 is powered by artificial intelligence, to provide you with a new experience like no other.
The real estate developer was interested in providing facilities such as bathrooms and others so that you do not need to leave the mall and waste your time.
The infrastructure of Paragon 2 New Capital project is characterized by durability, and it works on Hp Mobile Systems, Optical Fiber
Enjoy the artificial waterfalls in Paragon 2, which give you pleasure and prosperity.
There is a large car garage equipped with the latest means to maintain your car.
Paragon 2 has places for picnics and sitting while listening to soft music, in a wonderful atmosphere and beautiful landscapes.
When you enter Paragon 2 mall, you will enjoy ultimate sophistication, because the entrance is designed with granite and high columns that give you a high sense of luxury.
To facilitate the movement of customers and visitors between floors and of them, Paragon 2 mall includes many high-speed elevators and escalators, as it accommodates many individuals.
The facades of Paragon 2 mall are made of attractively shaped glass as it allows the entry of light and prevents noise in order to maintain calm in the project.
Learn in detail about shops for sale in the new administrative capital

Units space and prices in Paragon 2 Mall in the new capital
Paragon Mall is that you will have everything you need, and the diversity in the spaces of commercial and administrative units enables you to easily get what matches your activity you want, so spaces have been provided starting from 60 square meters, up to 150 meters Square.

As for the finishing systems, there are three types, they are classic, modern, and industrial so that you can choose what matches your taste, knowing that all units are finished with the highest quality standards and the most luxurious modern designs that are suitable for all tastes of investors from inside and outside.

As for the prices, they came according to what Builderia presented in Paragon 2 Mall, and the architectural developer also took into account that customers and investors should not bear any financial burdens, in order to create an opportunity for them to invest new in the most vibrant and active places in the world today in the new administrative capital, and the price per square meter starts from 32,000 EGP, knowing that there is no such price at all
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