Paragraph on How the youth start their business

paragraph about the youth

Paragraph on How the youth start their business

هنا نستعرض موضوع جديد لكيفية كتابة براجراف باللغة الانجليزية، مع نموذج عن كيف نشجع الشباب ان يبدأوا عملهم بأنفسهم.

أساسيات كتابة البراجراف Paragraph باللغة الانجليزية:

يتكون البراجراف paragraph من 3 عناصر أساسية:

Topic sentence:

  • الجملة الافتتاحية أو المقدمة وتحتوى على الفكرة الرئيسية للموضوع كما هو موضح فى النموذج بالأسفل.

Discussion sentences:

  • جمل المناقشة أو جسم الموضوع وفيها نناقش الموضوع المطلوب بطريقة وافية


  • الجملة الختامية وفيها نعطي ملخص للموضوع علي شكل نصح أو استنتاج     
مواضيع تهمك

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وفيما يلى نموذج لكتابة البراجراف باللغة الانجليزية:

Paragraph Example

How the youth start their business

    We can’t ignore the fact that the youth are the cornerstone upon which our progress depends. We should bear in mind that they represent our hope for a better life. We all should take it for granted that the youth are full of strength and energy that should be exploited in the proper way. However, the Ministry of Manpower can’t provide government posts for all young people owing to the growing population. Out of that, the government has to afford all facilities for them to start their own business.

    We should encourage them to start off small projects, which don’t require huge capital. The government should pave the way for them by lending them a hand to over come any hardships that may face them. The Ministry of Agriculture should facilitate the regulations so that the youth can own a plot of desert land. And thus they can invade the desert and reclaim it. Moreover, banks should lend them the money they need, without intricacy, to support their projects. Above all, the youth themselves should believe that their business could expand but by hard work and patience.

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