Paragraph about The role of women in society

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Paragraph about The role of women in society



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    No doubt, women play several outstanding roles in society. Really it is a very important topic to write about. First, let’s shed light on some of the women’s roles in society. The woman performs her role as a wife happily. From the very beginning, she is responsible for managing her house wisely. In other words, she knows how to spend properly according to the family income. She also holds back nothing to be a successful mother. She is always careful to bring up her children on good manners to produce good citizens.

We can’t ignore her role as a working woman. The woman has invaded nearly all fields of work. She is a teacher, a doctor, an engineer etc. Women have held higher positions in the government. She has become a judge and a minister. However, to be fair, the woman never lets work overwhelm her house and its stability.

Last but not least, women must be highly appreciated by all of us for their great role and because they make up half of society.

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