Negative Impact of Social Media- Essay writing

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Negative Impact of Social Media- Essay writing

Social media has become the main source of
news. These days sixty-eight percent of people
who have internet access get their news from
social media. Although this means that we can
find news easily and get regular updates on our
phones, in my view I think that social media has
a negative impact on news and society.

Negative Impact of Social Media

To begin with, this constant cycle of news,
which is mostly bad, can make people stressed
and worried. A recent survey found that more
than half of Americans say they get anxious and
sleep badly because of the news.

Next, not everything we read or see on social
media is true or legal. If we share it, before
checking the facts, we might spread false
information. In turn, this means that the public
will stop trusting journalists. In addition, piracy is
very common on social media. It is very easy to
copy books, films and music and to share them,
but this means that the people who wrote the
books or made the films and music do not get
any money for their work.

Lastly, social media starts to control what news
we see and don’t see. Our social media ‘friends’
become the ‘managing editors’. They share news
stories they like and agree with, so the news we
see is not balanced or objective.

Negative Impact of Social Media

In summary, whilst it is a good thing that we
have so much news available and it is easy to
keep up-to-date with current affairs, we need
to avoid the negative effects. It’s important to
be careful about where we get our news and
how often we check it. We also have a social
responsibility to make every effort not to spread
inaccurate or misleading news and not to copy
artistic content without permission.

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عزيزى القارئ: نقدر متابعتكم لنا وحرصكم عى تلقى المعلومة المفيدة والصحيحة، ولذلك نحرص دائما على ان ننتقى المواد والموضوعات التى نقدمها لكم بكل عناية. ونرجوا منكم الا تترددوا فى ابداء آرائكم واقتراحاتكم حول ما نقدمه لكم، كما نوصيكم بالتبليغ عن أى رابط لا يعمل حتى نقوم بتعديله.

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