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The difference between agree and accept

The difference between and :

Accept and Agree

Agree = يوافق علي                 Accept = يقبل


The verbs accept and agree have different meanings. To express your willingness to do something, use agree with an infinitive. Accept is not possible in this case.

She agreed to come. (= She expressed her willingness to come.) (NOT She accepted to come.)


They agreed to part ways amicably. (NOT They accepted to part ways amicably.)

My sister has agreed to look after my babies when I am away.

To accept is to take something which is offered because you believe that it is true, fair or right. In this case, accept is followed by a noun or a noun clause which acts as its object.

She accepted the offer. (NOT She agreed the offer.)

She said that she would accept the award with pleasure.

Accept can be followed by a noun clause or a that-clause.

The majority of doctors accept thatsmoking can cause cancer. (= The majority of doctors recognize the fact that smoking can cause cancer.)


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