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Centrada Plaza Mall
Finding the perfect work environment is not difficult anymore; Where you can guarantee a special place suitable for the nature of your activity inside Centrada Plaza Mall 6 October, which is a commercial, administrative, and medical mall with unprecedented thought and unique designs located at the entrance to the 6th of October City on the axis directly in front of the Nile University.

During the implementation of Centrada, OAD Group made sure to combine a professional work environment with an amazing entertainment scene; Which meets all the basic and recreational needs of customers, and Centrada Mall is built on a huge space of about 40,000 square meters, most of which occupies a picturesque landscape of green spaces and water bodies, providing an atmosphere that encourages work, creativity and productivity.

Do not hesitate and own your special unit now inside Centrada Mall 6th of October with the space you want and the price that suits your aspirations and capabilities, as well as offering payment systems that extend for many years to facilitate your payment process.

Centrada Plaza location

Get the luxury of choice and the highest degree of privacy when you book your unit now inside Centrada Mall October!

Centrada Plaza Mall 6 October enjoys an active strategic location directly on the 26th of July axis in the 6th of October City in front of Juhayna Square, close to the main roads and the Dahshur link; Which makes the process of moving from and to it easily and comfortable, in addition to its distance from vital places and various service facilities in the area, and other luxury residential complexes that benefit from its services.

Among the most important advantages of Centrada Mall are the following:

It is located about 5 minutes away from Hyper One.
You can get from the project to Mall of Arabia within 5 minutes.
Features of Centrada Mall
Ensure the success of your project and own your luxury unit now inside Centrada Mall 6th of October, which has many distinctive features, most notably the following:

The unique strategic location in the heart of Juhayna Square in the 6th of October City and near Mehwar Road.
The elegant modern designs that are unique to the mall and the upscale decorations of cheerful colors; Which attracts a lot of attention.
The dazzling water bodies in the middle of the project and the dancing water fountain add an atmosphere of joy and fun and give an attractive civilized appearance.
The various units within Centrada Mall overlook wide green spaces that provide a calm environment that encourages creativity and development.
The glass facades give the luxurious exterior look of Centrada Plaza Mall.
Customizing Kids Area has many fun games that keep your kids entertained.
Taking into account providing the greatest degree of privacy, comfort, safety, and luxury for customers in Centrada Plaza Mall, 6th of October.
Centrada Plaza offices are designed to promote an environment of productivity and development, with different spaces to suit your business needs.
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