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4T4 Mall in the new administrative capital
VAI Real Estate Development offers a unique architectural edifice to give you a unique experience in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, it is 4T4 Tower New Capital that has been carefully planned to meet the different needs of clients and investors and even exceed them for their satisfaction, by relying on a team of specialized experts who strive to do whatever it takes to bring exceptional experiences to market.

4T4 Tower New Administrative Capital was built on a large area that accommodates many services, advantages, various facilities, and various units, as well as its design in a breathtaking architectural style and the availability of various commercial, administrative, and medical units with spaces, prices and payment systems that suit the different tastes, needs, and capabilities of customers and investors.

4T4 location
We guarantee you a unique commercial service that exceeds your needs inside 4T4 Mall in the new administrative capital in an attractive strategic location in the upscale Downtown area, specifically in plot MU5-36, and it is close to the main roads and axes that make the transition from it and to it very easy, and at the same time Time the project away from the sources of noise and pollution in the cities.

The most important features of the project can be clarified through the following:

It is located close to the People's Square and the Misr Mosque, which is one of the most prominent religious monuments in the capital.
It has a distinctive view of 3 corners of the main streets, and there is an internal road around 4T4 that facilitates your entry and exit from 4T4 Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
A short distance from the gold market, computer companies, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, and insurance, within 4T4 Tower, the new administrative capital.
From 4T4 Tower, the New Administrative Capital, you can reach the famous Al Masa Hotel in just a few minutes.
The distance is very short between the project and Miraz Tower and Nile Tower 31 North Tower.
It is a few minutes away from the monorail station and a 30-minute drive from the Capital International Airport.
Also, 4T4 New Administrative Capital is close to the Heritage and Arts District, the Ministries District, and the Government District.

Advantages of 4T4 New Administrative Capital
Are you looking for a special place to carry out your work with ease and enjoy a quiet atmosphere away from noise and pollution? Here is 4T4 Tower in the New Administrative Capital, which includes a group of distinctive features, including the following:

The distinguished strategic location in the Downtown area, near the markets, vital places, and service facilities attract many investors from everywhere within 4T4 New Administrative Capital.
Luxurious interior and exterior architectural designs suit customers with fine taste, in addition to the impressive glass facades that give a civilized appearance to the place inside 4T4 Mall in the new capital.
An entertainment area for children that contains many safe games for them and other recreational activities for more fun and entertainment in 4T4 Tower, the new capital.
You can relax and unwind from a hard day's work in designated places within 4T4 Tower, the New Administrative Capital, which are gardens, parks, and rest houses.
Relying heavily on renewable solar energy that keeps the environment clean in 4T4 Mall, the Administrative Capital.
Smart office spaces are available to suit different activities and businesses within 4T4 Tower, the capital.
The spread of a picturesque landscape around the project creates an atmosphere of psychological calm,
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