أهلا وسهلا بك زائرنا الكريم في منتديات كويك لووك ، لكي تتمكن من المشاركة ومشاهدة جميع أقسام المنتدى وكافة الميزات ، يجب عليك إنشاء حساب جديد بالتسجيل بالضغط هنا أو تسجيل الدخول اضغط هنا إذا كنت عضواً .

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السيد المعداوى /ههيا

2009 ثالث ثانوى
1- Why didntyou sleep ?0r-


or- Why couldnt you sleep ?
2- There was a lot of noise.
3- What did you do ,then?
4- I ended up telling the police
Or- I ended up the music myself
- ended upchanging my mind and celebrating with them

A- a clothesshop- dressmakers
A customer- customer / a lady :
An assistant - sales person / dressmaker
2- doctors /clinic / hospital / surgery -clinic
A: doctor / physician
B : Patient

َQ- 3
1- ( b ) lost
2- ( a ) one syllable
3- ( c ) expanded
4- ( c ) mainly
5- ( c ) converted
6- ( b ) in
7- ( d ) in
8- ( b ) she liked the candy
9- ( c ) was
10- ( c ) regularly
11- ( b ) tell
12- ( d ) might have left
13- ( b ) A few more
14- ( b ) on being seen
15- ( d ) protect
16- ( d ) odds and ends
Q- 4
1-We couldnt go swimming since the storm was bad.

Or- We couldnt go swimming since there wasa bad storm

1-we couldnt go swimming since the storm wasbad
2-Who is going to be invited to your birthday party?
3-Its a(very)serious matter.
itis serious


4-He apologized to me for arriving late.(his late arrival)
5-A part from Ahmed, there are no students in this class under fifteen.

Or- Apart from Ahmed , all the students in this class are over fifteen
-Apart from Ahmed, all the students in this class arent under fifteen

thereis no students.........apart from ahmed
-Apartfrom Ahmed, no student in this class is under fifteen

1-They have thick walls and small windows to keep out the heat- have an outdoorliving area; a terrace, courtyard or porch.
2- is to let inthe sunlight
3- is to Keepout the heat
1-A healthy food for yourmind

Or- The link between healthy food and mentalhealth
Or- Theimportance of healthy food for the brain and mental health
2-Theschool campaigns targets are to improve school meals, ban junk food, servehealthy food.

2- At school : to improvethe students behaviour in the class/ to help them to be calmer……

The campaigns of (M H F) are to publicizeits researches
Or- The(MHF): to show that unhealthy diet can increase mental illness and may causedepression and insomnia
3- Thestudents of the school.
4-Eatingnut fights insomnia.
5-d-Blood pressure
6-d-Fish and olive oil

7-c-Our diet became unhealth

1-The Incans killed women and servants and put them with the kings to take careof them in the next world, but the Egyptions not. The incas sacrificed theirchildren to satisfy(please) their gods but the Egyptians didnt
2-To make sure their fathers were loyal
3- the day when she discovered the Llama was a good day, but the days afterthat were not so good because when she remembered them she felt a shiver downher back.
1- leila to Amalia
2- In the valley of the Nobles in Luxor
3- That doctor Hafez helped her to come to peru
1- didnt offer to help her
2- he trusted her. He didnt think she would do anything wrong.
3-he was a mining enginner and when he told Amalias father that there was a newmine

1-إن كثير من الدراسات أوضحت أن منالأفضل أن تربط حزام الأمان أثناء قيادتك للسيارة وإن أحزمة الأمان تقلل من خطرالموت أو الإصابة في الحوادث الى حد كبير وهذه الحقيقة

معروفة على نطاق واسع والعديد من الحكوماتتسن القوانين التي تطالب باستخدام حزام


-The world seek ( strive) hard to find out (discover)
a cure for ( treatmentof

) the spine

(swine –pig )flu .
إن كثير من الدراسات أوضحت أن منالأفضل أن

تربط حزام الأمان أثناءقيادتك للسيارة وبصفة عامة فإن أحزمة الأمان تقلل من خطر

الموت أو الإصابة في الحوادث وهذه الحقيقة معروفة بشكل واسعوالعديد من الحكومات

تسن القوانين التي تطالب باستخدام حزام الأمان .
The world is trying hard to discover atreatment of – a cure for swine flu.
* exert efforts to=try hard to =doe his best to =work

Swineinfluenza (also called swine flu, hog flu, and pig flu-

H1N1) .. أنفلونزا الخنازير
*end somethingup
to terminatesomething; to bring something to an end. He ended his vacation up by going tothe beach. She ended up her speech with a poem.
*end up -to come to an end. When willall this end up? I think that the party will have to end up about midnight.
*end up(somewhere) and wind up (somewhere) to finish at a certain place. If you dont getstraightened out, youll end up in jail. I fell and hurt myself, and I wound upin the hospital.
*end up-to reach a final place orposition wind up I began work as an accountant and ended up writing 1. . to conclude something by doingsomething. We ended up by going back to my house ended up the eveningdrinking and dancing at a club downtown
End up- to concludesomething by doing something. We ended up by going back to my house

ربما يعجبك هذا أيضا

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