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Features of A1 Tower New Administrative Capital
The presence of many diverse advantages within the project, which would make the place have many important advantages for owners of major projects, or those who wish to have a different place to start their activities.

Here are a number of competitive qualities offered by A1 Tower, as follows:

The project is located in a distinguished headquarters in New Capital, in front of the tourist towers, which is a strategic area close to several areas.
The architectural design occupies a large space of difference and distinction because it makes the units overlook several distinct sides.
Moreover, the entire project has glass facades, which is important for this type of project.
Also, the different types of units and their space is a good thing within A1 Tower New Capital.

A1 Tower New Capital Services
The developer company of A1 Tower New Administrative Capital offers a number of services that will make the place better and provide comfort and tranquility to the customer and also help him manage his place in the best way, and these services are as follows:

There is a garage on a large space, which is three full floors, and work has been done to include many parking spaces.
It is worth noting that it has air conditioning and a fast internet system throughout A1 Tower New Administrative Capital.
In addition, there are many elevators, which amount to 5, and also a number of escalators.
Electronic gates to facilitate the movement of entry and exit from A1 Tower New Administrative Capital.
There is also an elevator dedicated to transporting goods, which is far from other elevators so that there is greater freedom in transporting goods.
Electric generators and a fire extinguishing system to save toxicity in the mall.
It includes security services working around the clock and attached to it with surveillance cameras that monitor all movements in A1 Tower.
There are also a number of fully-equipped meeting rooms for seminars and more in A1 Mall New Administrative Capital.
Taking care of people with determination and providing them with more than one corridor, which will facilitate their movement throughout A1 Tower.
In addition, there are cleaning and maintenance services that operate throughout the day.
Spaces and unit types of A1 Mall
The space is one of the important matters that the companies in the capital are concerned about because it is considered one of the basics of distinguishing the architectural work. The company that developed the project was able to make the mall a spacious space of ​​2378 square meters, and attention was paid to its design in order to accommodate many units in A1 Tower.

One of the factors that have been taken care of in the mall is that there are diverse spaces in it, whether in commercial, administrative, or medical units so that the customer can choose what suits him and the size of A1 Tower.

This is indeed a place that was in A1 Mall, as it is integrated and works primarily to meet all the desires of customers with their different tastes, and here are the various spaces that were provided in A1 Mall, as follows:

There are commercial units in A1 Tower that start from 20 square meters.

As for the medical units, they start from 23 square meters in A1 Tower.
As for administrative units, offices, and corporate headquarters, they start from 30 square meters inside A1 Mall New Capital.
All these spaces and others are present in A1 Tower New Capital, surrounded by all the important facilities that provide you with everything you want in A1 Mall.
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