أهلا وسهلا بك زائرنا الكريم في منتديات كويك لووك ، لكي تتمكن من المشاركة ومشاهدة جميع أقسام المنتدى وكافة الميزات ، يجب عليك إنشاء حساب جديد بالتسجيل بالضغط هنا أو تسجيل الدخول اضغط هنا إذا كنت عضواً .

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السلام عليكم يا [you]

Rewrite the following sentences using the words in brackets

1.As long as you study harder, youll get better marks. (The[/color
2.He advised us a lot. (much
3.Idrank mush water. (many
4.Having had dinner , he slept. (No sooner) (On
5.Either you pay back the debt or youll go to prison. (Unless) (provided that
6.The room isnt cleaned until I tell her. (She
7.Altough she is beautiful , she is hated . (However-yet-as-beauty-however

8.She attended the wedding party and sang a song.(Not only-as well as-in addition to-in addition
9.Both Maher and Nagy attended the party.(and so) (too
10.Radi didnt buy and same didnt either.(nor

11.She went to the theatre because she had enough money. (If-Unless)(consequently-thats why)
12.Smoking leads to destroying health. (if
13.Im sure he took my book. (must
14.Im sure he didnt take my book. (have
15.Im not sure if he took my book. (have

16.Unless he comes in time , he wont be allowed to get in. (in case of)(as long as)
17.Heba and Samah painted the room with out help from any one.(own-by
18.Both Ahmed and I are good at English.(as well as

اسئلة مجابة

19.He was in trouble.(water
ans:He got into hot water

20.She gave me some information.(an
ans:She gave me an item of information

Rewrite the following

21.Swimming is her favourite hobby.(best
ans:She likes swimming best

22.Ramzy is the strongest player in the team.(as strong)(stronger
ans:No player in the team as strong as Ramzy
No player in the team is stronger than Ramzy

23.Why do you talk to that bad boy?(Youd)(If I
ans:Youd better not talk to that bad boy
If I were you I wouldnt talk to that boy

24.He doesnt study so he cant succeed.(If-Were he
ans:If he studied , he could succeed
Were he to study , he could succeed

25.The computer enables us to achieve projects.(If it-With out
ans:If it werent for the computer /With out the computer , we wouldnt achieve projects

Rewrite the following

26.Ill lend you the camera provided that you use it properly.(unless
ans:I wont lend you the camera unless you use it properly

27.How much furniture did he buy?(many
ans:How many pieces of furniture did he buy

28.The manager blamed me as I wasted time.(for
ans:The manager blamed me for wasting time

29.The police said that he robbed the bank.(charged
ans:The police charged him with robbing the bank

30.People believe that he is a company owner.(is believed)(to
ans:He is believed to be a company owner

Rewrite the following

31.People say that Ali has won the game.(Ali is
ans:Ali is said to have won the game

32.The police allege that she will escape tomorrow.(She is
ans:She is alleged to escape tomorrow

33.He hasnt phoned me for 3 days.(It is)(ago
ans:Its 3 days since he last phoned me
He last phoned me 3 days ago

34.He hasnt visited me since last month.(The last time
ans:The last time he visited me was a month ago

35.He started working in this factory 3 years ago.(for
ans:He has been working in this factory for 3 years

Rewrite the following

36.She doesnt have a car.(got
ans:She hasnt got a car

37.Has she got a camera?(Does
?ans: Does she have a camera

38.The school which I learn in is good.(where
ans:The school where I learn is good

39.She is the fastest runner Ive ever seen.(never
ans:Ive never seen such a fast runner
Ive never seen a fast runner like her

40.He lost his temper when they insulted him.(the roof)(top)(steamed
ans:He (hit the roof/blew his top/got steamed up) when they insulted him

Rewrite the following

41.Nadir and Esam are of the same height.(as….as
ans:Nadir is as tall as Esam

42.My father was angry because I didnt help my mother.(for
ans:My father blamed me for not helping my mother

43.Please , iron my dress.(grateful
ans:Id be grateful , if you could iron my dress

44.The mobile phone enables us to communicate any one where ever he is.(One advantage
ans:One advantage of the mobile phone is that you can communicate with any one whereever he is

45.She practiced hard because she wanted to win the match.(so that
ans:She practiced hard so that she could win the match

Rewrite the following

46.She is too young to defend her self.(so….that
ans:She is so young that she cant defend her self

47.How about having dinner together?(Why
؟ans:Why dont we have dinner together

48.He usually gets up early.(used to
ans:He is used to getting up early

49.He usually got up early when he was young.(used to
ans:He used to get up early when he was young

50.People use wood for making paper.(used
ans:Wood is used for making paper

Rewrite the following

51.What he had done wasnt believed.(We
ans:We didnt believe what he had done

52.It was so dark that we couldnt see.(Darkness
ans: Darkness made us unable to see

53.The captain of the team himself scored the goal.(It
ans:It was the captain of the team that scored the goal

54.Dont try to open it. she said to us.(She told us
ans:She told us not to try to open it

55.A broken electric lamp cant be repaired.(You
ans:You cant repair broken electric lamp

Rewrite the following

57.He spoke very quietly so that we couldnt hear him.(so as
58.Some people think that coffee is better than tea.(good
59.I paid one pound for the pen and another pound for the ruler.(as….as
60.Several books were open when I closed mine.(last
61.Amr is the fastest person I have ever seen.(than

بالتوفيق يا [you]

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Mansoura Secondary High School
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توقيع :Galal Hasanin
Mr. Galal Hasanin
Expert Teacher of English Language
El-Malek El-Kamel High School
Mansoura Secondary High School

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