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Prepositions of time At, In or On


حروف الجر الخاصة بالوقت look at the table below for a quick reference of the rules

جدول توضيحي يلخص استخدام حروف الجر الخاصة بالوقت

at in on
وقت محدد / ميعاد وجبة
a specific time
a meal time

سنة او موسم او شهر او جزء من النهار a month/season/year
a part of the day
بوم او تاريخ معين او جزء منه
a specific day or date
a day + (morning, night, etc.)


1. We use the preposition at when we want to refer to a specific time, meaning a specific hour.

عند الاشارة الي وقت محدد Example:
  • Henry's test ends at 3 o'clock! He is afraid he won't finish!

More examples:
  • Your plane leaves at 4:55pm. We should go to the airport now.

  • I ate my breakfast very early this morning. Could we have lunch at 12:30?

  • She had a doctor's appointment yesterday at 7 o'clock.
2. We can also use the preposition at when we are referring to a meal time.

عند الاشارة الي ميعاد وجبة Examples:
  • At lunch, I like to have a big glass of water.

  • We always listen to the radio at breakfast-time so that we can hear the morning news.

  • Her family never turns on the TV at dinner.
ملحوظة: عندما نريد ذكر ترتيب مكون او ترتيب لوجبة نستخدم For
  • I'd like to have cheese for breakfast.
3. Finally, we can use at for some fixed expressions. Look at the sentences below.

مع مصطلحات تفيد توقيت محدد Examples:
  • At that time , Maggie didn't know that he was a secret agent!

  • She was about to make a cup of tea, but right at that moment , the phone rang.

1. We use the preposition in when we are referring to a year, month, or season.

عند الاشارة الي سنة او شهر او فصل من فصول السنة Example:
  • We love to go to the beach in the summer to build sand castles and swim in the sea.
More examples:
  • We moved into this house in 2003. We love this place!

  • Classes will begin in September. Be sure to sign up for all your courses before then.

  • Back in the 1800s, women didn't have the same rights that they do today.

  • In the winter of 1937, my grandfather was born.
2. We also use the preposition in when we want to talk about a part of the day.

عندما نتحدث عن جزء من اليوم Examples :
  • Greg is never hungry in the morning. His first meal is lunch!

  • My uncle likes to take a nap in the afternoon.

  • Do your parents watch the news on television in the evening?
ملحوظة: عند التحدث عن وقت الليل تستخدم At
  • Roosters never crow at night. They only start crowing in the morning.

1. We use the preposition on when we are talking about a specific day or date.

عندما نتحدث عن يوم او تاريخ معين Example:
  • On Christmas Day, some families give each other gifts under the Christmas tree. Other families have their celebrations on different special days.

More examples:
  • We have a very important meeting on Wednesday. Please don't be late!

  • She'll be arriving on the 5th of August. Will the apartment be ready by then?

  • I'm starting my new job on Monday, July 12th. I'm a bit nervous!
2. We also use the preposition on when we are talking about a day + (morning, night, etc.).

عندما نتحدث عن جزء من يوم معين On Sunday evening /On Friday morning/On Saturday night Examples:
  • There was a big parade on Saturday afternoon. Didn't you hear the music?

  • She has a lot of trouble getting out of bed on Monday mornings!

  • I like to go to the park on the weekends.

American English BRITISH English
on the weekend at the weekend

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