Pharaohs’ Golden Parade is finally taking place in Cairo Egypt

Egypt welcomes the whole world to watch Pharaohs’ Golden Parade is finally taking place in Cairo Egypt

The world’s eyes turn to Tahrir Square to watch the start of the global event, which is the procession of royal mummies by leaving 22 royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Civilization, dating back to the ages of the «17th, 18th, 19 and 20», including the mummies of kings «Ramses II and Seqnan Ra Thutmose III, Seti the First, Hatshepsut, and Mert Amon.

Pharaohs’ Golden Parade

The route of the royal mummies procession starts its movement from the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir, then passes in front of the obelisk of King Ramses II in Tahrir Square, which is decorated with four rams that were transported from Luxor and placed around the obelisk recently. The motorcade then leaves Tahrir Square and heads to Simon Bolivar Square in Garden City. Then the procession heads to the Nile Corniche until it reaches Qasr Al-Aini, and from there to the wall of Magra El-Ayoun.

The procession of royal mummies runs until it reaches the Nile Scale in Rawda, then to the Fustat region, until it reaches its final stop, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Prelude to The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade

The ceremony and the parade

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