Grammar test: present perfect simple and continuous

English Grammar test

English grammar test: present perfect simple and continuous

اليوم نقدم لكم رواد كويك لووك بعض الاسئلة للتدريب على أزمنة المضارع التام البسيط والمضارع التام المستمر.

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نبذة عن المضارع التام البسيط Present perfect simple :

The Present Perfect

Have/has +p.p

Uses of ‘ Present Perfect’:

1- It refers to a an action happened in the past but we don’t say when it happened: فعل حدث في وقت غير محدد

— He has bought a car.

— He bought a car yesterday. اذا تحدد متى حدث الفعل يكون الماضي البسيط هو الصواب

2- to express a recent happening: فعل حدث منذ فترة بسيطة او مازال أثره موجود في المضارع

— I have just signed a new contract.

— He has gone to Canada. = He is not here. رحل الى كندا ولم يعد

— He has been to Canada. = He has come back. كان في كندا وعاد  

3- With ‘already’ to say that something has happened indeed: حدث قد تم بالفعل(نتيجة)

— Don’t forget to post the letter, Ali?

— I have already posted it.

3- ‘Yet’ in question and negative:

— Have you posted the letter yet?

— No, I haven’t posted it yet.

4- ever & never:

— Have you ever met the president?

— No, I have never met the president.

— He is the cleverest boy I have ever met.

— I have never met such a clever boy.

English grammar test: present perfect simple and continuous

5- recently & lately = not long ago حديثا

— I have received much information recently.

— I haven’t seen him lately.

— I have been feeling very tired lately.

6- It is the first time …..

— It is the first time he has driven a car. = He has never driven a car before.

7- for & since

—  for لمدة   + فترة زمنية for a year/two months/three hours/a few days/the last week

—  since منذ + بداية الحدث   since last year/January/5 o’clock/last week

مواضيع تهمك

— since + ماضي بسيط     I have been here since you phoned me.

8- Present perfect is used to express how much,how many things or how many times we have done something: يعبر عن كمية او عدد الاشياء او عدد المرات التي قمت بعملها

— She has written two letters.

— How much sugar have you already added?

— How often has he been to the club this week?

9- Notice the following changes: لا حظ الحالات الآتية

— It is + فترة    since + subject last + ماضي بسيط  = subject + haven’t/hasn’t +pp for +   فترة

— It is three weeks since I last watched TV. (for)

— subject last + ماضي بسيط when + ماضي = subject haven’t/hasn’t pp +since ماضي

— He last visited me when he 20. (since)

— The last time + subject + ماضي  was +فترة + ago. = subject + haven’t/hasn’t pp for +فترة  

— The last time I saw him was two days ago. (for)

— The last time he played tennis was in 2003. (for) (since)

10- It refers to future after the following: يشير إلى المستقبل

When-till-until-if-after-before-as soon as-as long as-the moment-by the time

— I won’t go out until I have finished my work.

English grammar test: present perfect simple and continuous

نبذة عن المضارع التام المستمر Present perfect continuous :

The present perfect continuous

Have / has been +

He has been doing the homework for two hours now.

Uses of ‘Present perfect continuous’:

1- It refers to an action which began in the past and is still happening:فعل بدأ في الماضي ومازال مستمر  

For – since – all day/week

— It has been raining for two hours now. = It began two hours ago and it is still raining.

— He started to learn English three years ago. (for)

— she began to play tennis when she was eight. (since)

— How long  have/has + subject + been  ? = How long ago did + subject + start to مصدر ?

— How long have you been playing football? (ago)

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English grammar test: present perfect simple and continuous


Tick the correct sentences. If a tense is not correct, underline it and write the correct form.

  1. We should find a solution; the level of the canal has risen up.
  2. Don’t give up. You haven’t been trying this way yet.
  3. Look. The girl has been buying four dictionaries.
  4. I haven’t eaten anything since I arrived.
  5. Let’s stop for a while. You’ve driven all morning.
  6. Have you ever been sleeping in a tent?
  7. He’s been sleeping for too long. Wake him up!
  8. I’m sorry. How long have you been waiting?
  9. I’ve been meeting your father several times.
  10. He is sunburnt. He’s been lying on the beach all day.
  11. I’ve been knowing him since he was born.
  12. Help yourself. Mum has been making delicious toasts.
  13. Have you ever been meeting a famous actor?
  14. He has already been inviting 50 persons up till now.
  15. How long have you been doing the homework?
  16. How much money have you already won?
  17. He has done research on Ancient Buildings all the week.
  18. He has been reading 20 books so far.
  19. He has repaired the car for two hours and he hasn’t finished yet.
  20. He has done the homework since he came back home.
  21. she has cooked all afternoon.

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