Level Test 2

يجب ملئ البيانات قبل الحل
Level Test 2
10 ديسمبر 2019

Name Business Email

My friend John, ___ lives in California, has a car with a New York license.

1 out of 10

Make sure you close all the windows ___ it starts to rain.

2 out of 10

Don't go out ___ you've finished your work.

3 out of 10

___ you see me, get in the car.

4 out of 10

I think I know ___ he left the job.

5 out of 10

___ I had known how much I would disappoint him, I woudn't have done it.

6 out of 10

___ a university professor returns from a sabbatical leave, he should be better qualified.

7 out of 10

She's ___ a snobbish person ___ nobody likes to be with her.

8 out of 10

Do you think this is something ___ can be learned?

9 out of 10

It's usually quite simple to cross the border between the USA and Canada ___ these two countries have friendly relations.

10 out of 10

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