First year 2

Thank you for attending to do First year 2. Please read each answer carefully then choose the correct one. We will show you the correct answers when you are finished.

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1. It’s expected that the world -------- will increase rapidly to reach 1000 billion
2. I wish we could avoid --------- badly maintained cars not to pollute our surroundings
3. No one was as -------- as Abu-Heif, he was the world best swimmer
4. He is a famous journalist and he never -------- false news or stories
5. Shakespeare is the most well-known playwright all over the world. One of his most famous ----- (1) ----- is King Lear. It is about an old king who decided to give his ----- (2) ----- to his daughters. He asked them to tell him how much they ----- (3) ----- him. The two old daughters told their father that they loved him more than they really did. The third girl couldn't ----- (4) ----- her love to her father so he was very ----- (5) ----- with her. At last, when Lear and his third daughter were ----- (6) ----- and sent to prison, he could know that his third daughter loved him more than any one else
اكتب الاجابات في المستطيل بالاسفل
6. This problem is very simple, the solution is very ---------. You just need to concentrate
7. You must be ------ of yourself. You have just told your friend something that isn’t true
8. The bodies of the living things consist of millions of --------- which are very small
9. Translate into English
تتمتع مصر بالعديد من عناصر الجذب السياحي غير الآثار مثل الشواطئ و الطبيعة
اكتب الترجمة في المستطيل بالاسف

10. If he'd been more careful, he --------- all his money.
11. Of course, ....... is public cleanliness
12. His father was sent to prison because he --------- into debts

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