َQuiz on linking words

Thank you for attending to do اختبار علي الروابط. Please read each answer carefully then choose the correct one. We will show you the correct answers when you are finished.

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......well we played, we lost the match.


.... the rain, we decided not to have a picnic


The team haven't been playing too well. ......, they are expected to win this afternoonز


I bought a new bike on credit ...... being broken.


At work, he shouts all the time, ...... in his free time he is friendly.


...... being attentive, he behaves politely in the class


I think I should call my friend Ahmed ...... we haven't met for ages.


I've decided to stay in and study ...... the school homework.


Clever ...... he is, he sometimes loses easy marks.


I ....... my sister am fond of music.

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