Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 PS3 حمل لعبة

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – PS3 – DUPLEX


1- تجيب فلاشه USB 

2- اعملها Format وخليها Fat 32 

3- انقل اللعبه عليها وحطها علي جهاز الــ PS3 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Date: 09/2016

Languages: English

Platform: PS3

Genre: Sports

Release Info:

 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 sees the return of the multi-award winning

مواضيع تهمك

franchise complete with an abundance of new features and quality

improvements. PES 2017 aims to retain its title of Best Sports Game’

for a third year, as voted across the world at games shows and by

major media outlets in 2014 and 2015


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