Paragraph on the Internet براجراف

paragraph on the internet
paragraph on the internet

The internet

        We should take it for granted that the internet plays a vital role in our life these days. We should bear in mind that it is an important topic to be discussed. It can’t be denied that it has many advantages but at the same time it has some disadvantages. First of all, let’s shed light on its advantages. The internet is one of the latest means of communication. In other words, you can communicate with anyone in your country or abroad easily through chatting or e-mailing. You can also use the internet for your study and for making friends all over the world.

       On the other hand, the internet has some disadvantages. If it is misused, then it is a disaster. It is a waste of time if we spend too much time chatting without certain purposes. There are also bad web-sites that destroy moral values. In my opinion, we should spread awareness among the youth to use the internet in the proper way. Last but not least, the internet is a great invention as long as it serves people.

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