Paragraph on ” Mother’s Day “

Paragraph on ” Mother’s Day “

mother's day

My mother is the most important person in my life. Not only did she carry me for nine months but she continues to support and love me regardless of what I have put her through to bring me up.

So far my mother has the greatest impact in my life. Many people have come and passed but she keeps by my side helping and advising me on all the important values of a good life.

As I watch her struggle to bring all my three siblings and me up I can only hope to be such a strong and hardworking person myself. She diligently takes care of our family while still running her business.

مواضيع تهمك

She has shown us that with hard work and determination anything is possible. My mother is patient and when she puts her heart on something, she doesn’t give up until she sees results. My mother runs several successful businesses and is able to juggle between her business and taking care of us. This is something I can only hope to have.

My mother and I are close and I normally go to her for advice. She has taught me a lot and has helped me become a better person in life. She is intelligent and knows the solution to almost any problems I seek advice for.

I have seen her struggle day to day to ensure we are all ok while still managing to run her demanding businesses. She is a strong woman and doesn’t let any setbacks hold her back. I remember a time when some burglars broke into one of her business and made away with almost everything. That didn’t deter her; she restocked and continued as if nothing had happened. My mother is spiritual and gives us advice on the values of life and how we should treat others

My mother is always there for me and always pushes me to go after my dreams. She doesn’t put any pressure on me but walks with me in every step to ensure that I am in the right path towards achieving my goals. My mother has taught me so much and will always be grateful.

Meaning Word
اشقاء siblings
قيم values
يكافح struggle
تصميم determination
ضغط pressure

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