Paragraph on Energy

Paragraph on Energy

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Paragraph on Energy
Paragraph on Energy


 There are different forms of energy. Most of the energy used today in homes and industry comes from fossil fuels. Coal, oil and natural gas are all fossil fuels. They are called non-renewable because it takes millions of years to make or renew them. So, we must reduce the amount of non-renewable fuels that we use.

   We need to find other forms of energy that will never run out . These forms of energy are called renewable. Examples of these are energy from the sun and the wind.  Water is another renewable source of energy. It is called hydroelectric power. Nuclear energy is also a clean renewable source of energy. However, it is dangerous. It is important that we all save energy.

Forms of energy : أشكال الطاقة

Fossil fuels : وقود حفريات

renewable : متجدد

Non-renewable : غير متجدد

Nuclear energy : الطاقة النووية

لتحميل الملف بصيغة وورد

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